How to Screenshot on Chromebook

How to Screenshot on Chromebook - Many laptop users may still be unfamiliar with the type of laptop called Chromebook. This type of laptop comes with a name and logo similar to the Chrome browser made by Google but the maker's brands vary, ranging from Asus, Samsung, Acer, and many more.

How to Screenshot on Chromebook -

Chromebook is a type of laptop whose operating system uses Google's Chrome OS operating system. So Chromebook laptops use a different operating system than Windows 10 or macOS on Apple's MacBooks.

Even so, the Chrome OS interface on Chromebooks is still very easy to use. Chromebooks are widely used by children and students for education.

Chromebooks have applications made by Google including applications that on Android smartphones can also be used here. That's why Chromebooks must be connected to the internet (online) when used, but when offline all the work created can still be saved.

Many new users were confused about how to take screenshots on Chromebooks. The Chromebook-type laptop does have a layout that is not so different, from a normal laptop but with a different operating system, of course, the screenshot method on this laptop can be different.

Here's a guide on how to screenshot on a Chromebook:

  1. Get to know the Show Windows button, this button has a square icon with two lines on the right side. The location of the Show Windows button is usually on the top row of the keyboard near the number keys "6" and "7"
  2. Press the Ctrl key and Show Windows at the same time
  3. The screenshots are saved automatically and can be found in the Downloads folder

Chromebook users can also take partial screenshots of the desired area of ​​the screen. Here's how to take a partial screenshot on a Chromebook:

  1. Press and hold the Shift and Ctrl keys and Show Windows at the same time
  2. Use the mouse pointer to click and drag the area of ​​the screen that you want to take a partial screenshot of

Some Chromebook laptops also have a convertible or 2-in-1 design that can be folded or removed to become a tablet. How to take a screenshot on a Chromebook in tablet mode can be done by pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.

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