How to Stream PC Games on Twitch with OBS

How to Stream PC Games on Twitch with OBS

Game streaming companies like Twitch are greater than ever. Whether you desire to permit your pals to watch you play a sport or attempt to construct a higher audience, streaming is easy.

How to Stream PC Games on Twitch with OBS only helps public streaming. If you desire to broadcast a personal stream to only a number of friends, you could attempt utilizing Steam's built-in Broadcasting feature, which we could limit sport streaming to your Steam friends.

Get Twitch stream lockout of your profile

Download Open Broadcaster Software and set Game Capture mode

Add your Twitch key to OBS Streaming Settings

Click "Start Streaming" and play your game

If you may have got carried out Twitch, test the video games you desire to stream earlier than dealing with this guide. Some PC video games have built-in Twitch support. However, for many games, you'll desire a third-party streaming software to broadcast your sport comparable to Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). That's what we are going to practice for today.

Lastly, Twitch recommends hardware that's robust sufficient for streaming. Twitch itself recommends which you simply use an Intel Core i5-4670 or AMD CPU, now not less than 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM, and Windows 7 or later. If your stream is rarely operating smoothly, you may desire a sooner CPU and perhaps extra RAM. The added bandwidth of your Internet connection too can be factory. Higher exceptional streaming requires extra add bandwidth.

Got all that? Alright, here is what you may have to do.

Step One: Get Stream Key

We broadcast utilizing Twitch simply due to the fact it is probably some of the foremost general options. Sure, you could host your personal stream and stream it instantly to your viewers, however, the additional bandwidth is a lot a great deal less for streaming video games to sites like Twitch and permitting these sites to rebroadcast to your viewers. You too can use special websites, comparable to YouTube Gaming.

First, you'll have to create an unfastened Twitch account that you'll stream the sport from. Just go to and create an account. After creating an account, click in your account identify within the higher proper nook of the Twitch site, pick "Dashboard", and click on on the "Stream Key" heading. Click the "Show Key" button to get your personal key.

You will need this key to stream to your channel. Anyone with the important thing can stream to your channel, so do now not share it with anybody else.

Step Two: Set OBS Game Capture Mode

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free, open supply video recording and streaming application best for streaming on Twitch. OBS can document screencasts and keep them to native video files, however surely will probably also stream stay to companies like Twitch or YouTube Gaming. OBS also permits you so as to feature further components to your stream, so you simply could add a stay video out of your webcam, picture overlays, and special visible elements.

Download Open Broadcaster Software here, manage it and transfer it on. OBS units your screencast to "scene" and "source." The scene is the last video or stream - what the viewer sees. The supply is what makes up the video. You may have a scene that shows the content material of the sport window, or a scene that shows the content material of the sport window and your webcam masking it. You can arrange separate scenes for every one sport you desire to stream and replace among them on the fly.

For our latest purposes, the default scene will work fine.

Add Game Capture Source

The first factor you ought to do is add a sport seize supply to your scene. Right-click within the Source box and pick Add > Game Capture.

Select "Create New", identity the seize no matter what you desire to name it, after which click on "OK".

Under "Mode", pick "Take any full-screen app" and OBS will automatically observe and seize the full-screen sport you're playing. If you're gambling a windowed game, pick "Capture precise window" within the mode box and pick an application. Make particular the sport is operating so that it seems within the listing here.

You can tweak the special recommendations here, or replace them later. Just click on the sport seize supply within the Source listing and pick "Properties" to enter these similar options.

Click "OK" to depart this window.

Now, Launch the complete screen game. If you Alt + Tab out of it (or when you may have dissimilar monitors), you'll see a preview of it within the major OBS window. If you do now not see a preview, attempt right-clicking within the heart of the window and make particular "Enable Preview" is enabled.

If Game Capture Doesn't work: Try Capture View Mode

Game Capture Mode does now not work with each one game, unfortunately. If you cannot get OBS to document or stream particular games, you could attempt Screenshot mode instead. It captures your complete display, adding your Windows desktop and all open windows, and streams them.

To use Screen Capture mode, first make particular OBS is rarely set to present your sport seize source. To do this, you could right-click the game's seize supply and pick "Delete" to take away it from the list or left-click the eye icon on the left to disguise it from view.

Now, add a brand new supply just such as you introduced a sport seize source. Right-click within the “Source” box and pick Add > Screenshot. Name the supply no matter what you're keen on and click on "OK".

Select the screen you desire to add—there will only be one screen when you simply have one pc monitor—and click on "OK".

A preview of your desktop will seem within the major OBS window. OBS will stream no matter what you notice in your screen. If Game Capture is rarely working, it may just work better.

Choose which Audio you desire to Broadcast

By default, OBS captures your desktop audio—everything gambling in your PC, adding sport sounds—and audio out of your microphone. It will contain this together with your stream.

To replace this setting, use the Mixer pane that seems on the backside of the OBS window. For example, to mute equally audio types, click on the speaker icon. To regulate the volume, drag the slider left or right. To pick an audio device, click on the gear icon and pick "Properties".

Add Videos From Your Webcam

If you desire to contain a small video out of your webcam at the height of the sports stream, add it as one other supply to your scene. Right-click inner the Source box and click on Add > Video Capture Device. Name your video to seize software and click on "OK".

OBS ought to automatically discover your webcam, when you may have one. Select the webcam software you desire to make use of and configure any settings you desire to replace here. The default settings ought to work fine. Click "OK" whilst finished.

Your webcam video could be superimposed over your sport or desktop within the OBS preview window. Use your mouse to drag and drop the video to the place you desire it, and click on on and drag the corners to resize your webcam body to the measurement you want.

If you do now not see your webcam video, make particular the Video Capture Device that seems above your major sport or screen the seize supply within the Source box. Sources that may be on the height of every specialty within the listing are on the height of every special in your stay video. So when you transfer the video seize software to the backside of the supply list, it's going to be below your sports stream and no person will see it. Drag and drop sources to rearrange them within the list.

Step Three: Setting Up Twitch Streaming

Once you may have your stream arrange the method you desire it, you may have to attach OBS to your Twitch channel. Click the "Settings" button within the decrease proper nook of the OBS screen or click on File > Settings to enter the OBS settings window.

Click the "Streaming" category, pick "Streaming Service" as your Streaming Type, and pick "Twitch" as your service. Copy and paste the stream key in your account from the Twitch site into the “Stream lock” box. Select the server closest to your region within the "Server" box. Click "OK" to keep your settings whilst you're done.

If you desire to stream to one other provider - comparable to YouTube Gaming or Facebook Live - you'll pick it within the "Services" box proper the following and input the required details.

You too can regulate your streaming settings from this window. Select the "Output" icon proper the following and use the recommendations below "Streaming" to pick your bitrate and encoder. You may just desire to attempt streaming with the default settings first to see the method it works.

If it is rarely smooth, attempt reducing the video bitrate here. Optimal settings count in your pc and Internet connection. OBS recommends experimenting with special settings till you discover the best one in your system.

Step Four: Start Streaming!

Now that OBS is attached to Twitch, all you may have to do is click on the "Start Streaming" button within the decrease proper nook of the OBS window.

While streaming, you could preview your stream, supply a title, and set your "Now Playing" standing on the dashboard page. Click your username within the higher proper nook of the Twitch web page and pick "Dashboard" to enter it.

To share your stream with others, merely direct them to your channel page. It's, the place "user" is your Twitch username.

See the official OBS documentation for extra news in regards to the diversified settings and gains in OBS.

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